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Hello! My name is Lisa Horan. I'm an Orlando, Florida-based creative leader with proven experience developing creative that resonates with audiences, pushes boundaries and delivers results.
I live and breathe creativity and finding new ways to inspire through my projects. Those I've worked with would tell you that one of my superpowers is building strong relationships and teams. That makes me happy because I have a passion for helping people; that's at the core
of everything I do.

Creative Capabilities



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  • Copywriting

  • Creative Writing

  • Copy Editing

  • Content Strategy & Development 

  • Creative Direction


    Digital Marketing

  • Video & Interactive Media Production

  • Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Brand Building

  • Multimedia Campaign Conception

  • Team Leadership

Jess R. Stephens,
Fmr. VP, Creative, PSAV (now Encore)

Lisa is an excellent team member and partner. One of her best strengths is that she listens intently and provides relevant solutions. Her creativity especially in writing is exceptional and thoughtful. I have had the opportunity to work with Lisa on a couple of hundred projects.I hope our creative collaboration will continue for years to come!"

Will Seton,
Sr. Event Producer, PSAV (now Encore)

"Lisa’s partnership and contributions have been extraordinary. Over a variety of project types, many with short lead and delivery milestones, Lisa provided experienced counsel and managed the creative process with a steady hand. Each project was delivered on-time, on-budget and to the satisfaction of our clients."-

Renee MacDonald, Fmr. Senior Director, Sales Optimization - Events & Catering Revenue - Hilton 

"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we value and appreciate having Lisa Horan as our partner. She is always assigned as our creative director/producer throughout the year, and simply put, I don't know what we would do without her. She is nothing short of amazing, and goes above and beyond to accommodate us and help our vision to come to life! I could go on and on, but I just wanted to express that you have someone special on your team."

Angela Guerrieri, Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications, ASM

"THANK YOU for the amazing job on our opening video. It was outstanding! Goose bumps and chills for sure! It was so incredible to see it all come together and how you used three different screens. The music matched beautifully. Everyone raved about it! We want to get more use out of this video. It is honestly the best thing that ASM has ever done digitally!"

Ben Jones,
Fmr. Sr. Copywriter, Holiday Inn Club Vacations

"Lisa is a strategically driven and highly motivating creative leader, and I was privileged to have her as my manager during my time at Holiday Inn Club Vacations. Lisa is committed to growing talent and getting the most out of her team through constructive feedback and collaboration. Under Lisa's guidance, I produced some of the best work of my career. 
I'm grateful to have worked with Lisa and will use everything I learned from her throughout my career and beyond. Any company would be lucky to have her lead their creative team!

Jamie Baker,
Sr. Designer/
Motion Manager,
Holiday Inn Club Vacations

"Lisa and I have worked together for many years on a variety of productions for tons of different clients. She has time and time again brought an outstanding creative eye to the table and is dedicated to getting a quality product done in the time allotted. Her feedback and direction are always on point and concise. This makes working with her not only easy but very enjoyable.
She excels in crafting stories and creative ideas that are exciting and original, and she has the ability to run a team of creatives efficiently and effectively.
Her level of detail is unmatched and she’s amazing with handling client needs, requests and relationships in a very professional manor. She puts her all into everything she touches and I’d highly recommend her as a leader for any creative team environment.

Nera Nevarez, Fmr. Sr. Manager,
Project Coordination, Holiday Inn Club Vacations

"Lisa is performance driven and helps ensure her team members are meeting their goals by contributing to the team as well as the department. She is focused on results and maximizing efforts. She collaborated with project management often to optimize the creative development process to ensure timely delivery of assets and campaigns. She led daily morning sprints with all of the creatives and project managers to align the team on expectations, and created an inclusive environment. She is very knowledgeable in understanding stakeholders and can anticipate client needs. Lisa is straightforward, trustworthy, and kind. It was a honor to work with her. I would highly recommend her for a creative leadership role!

Mike Sobola,
Sr. Producer,
FDA - Division of Communication Media

"I was privileged to work closely with Lisa while I was President of TIVA-DC and as a producer with FDA. Lisa's talents were evident through her creative leadership on our monthly publication, annual production guide, numerous scripts, and the multiple marketing materials she's worked on over the 20 years I've known her.

As editor of TIVA-DC's monthly publication, she successfully pulled together disparate material into a coherent, concise, visually attractive publication each month. Not only did she use her expert organizational skills, but also her excellent writing skills to pen countless articles and columns, and she was able to adeptly edit board members' quickly-penned and sometimes incoherent ramblings into articulate pieces that enhanced the organization's value. Lisa has always given
110 percent in whatever endeavor she is asked to do – and the organizations she's worked with would not be the same were it not for her hard work and dedication.

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