My latest article written for Creative Screenwriting magazine has gone live. The piece takes an inside look at Hollywood Writer/Director, Jefery Levy (Ghoulies, Invincible, S.F.W., CSI, Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs) and his newest film, The Key.

Ghoulies Writer Subject of CS Magazine Article


My editors (Scott Stewart and Jamie Baker) and I just wrapped up post production on three videos for a corporation. The videos feature Herb Felchner, a character I created last year to add some comedic value. Herb proved to be a fan favorite at the company. In fact, SMEs actually requested he appear again. Almost all of the footage for this year's project was shot on green screen. The final product looks amazing! Thank you, Scott and Jamie!


Herb Felchner Takes over Video Project



New Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Procedure Spotlighted in New Article for CMD Magazine

I recently interviewed Dr. Debra Grayman about an innovative new technology she's offering her patients at her Orlando, FL-based dermatology practice. The article will be published in CMD Magazine in January, 2016.



Great Interview with Up and Coming Filmmaker

I had the opportunity to interview Filmmaker Leah Yananton whose film Surviving Me:  The 9 Circles of Sophie, recently made its debut at the Hollywood Film Festival. The film is a powerful story about one woman's journey to regain her integrity. "My goal was to identify the true cost of bad decisions and to show that, if you behave the way the world wants you to behave, everyone loses,” explains Yananton. The article will be published in an upcoming issue of Creative Screenwriting.


Editing on Video Project Begins

All the footage from our Baltimore shoot made it back in one piece -- in spite of a car crash on the way home from the shoot. Everyone was fine, but we were a little worried about the hard drive, which was right at the point of impact. All was well. We didn't lose anything, so the fun process of reviewing hours of footage, creating stringouts, and editing begins.


Great Time at Orlando Urban Film Festival


Memorable Trip to Baltimore for 3-Day Video Shoot

Just got back from another exhausting but very memorable video shoot in Baltimore. Aside from my DP Scott Stewart getting the flu, a faulty RED camera that almost cost us a day of shooting (and would have if it weren't for the ingenuity of AC Jamie Bradley and DIT Jamie Baker and the speed driving of PA Bill Wienecke), and a car wreck on the way home (in a car that contained the hard drive with all the footage from our shoot), it was a great trip. My crew, as always was amazing, and my actors did a fantastic job. Looking forward to getting the footage edited for the big event in December.


Revolutionary Grow Box Video Script

My script about a brand new, revolutionary plant growing device, G-Box, is off to my buddies at Bros in Ink where they will bring it to life through animation.


Comelit Smartphone App Video Complete

The script I wrote for Comelit's new Smartphone Video Intercom app was masterfully transformed into a creative video by Bros in Ink. Very fun project to work on.

Interviewed for Podcast

My colleague and friend, Writer/Director/Producer Mike Sobola asked me to be a subject for his Podcast, "Staying Relevant". It's always great to hang out with Mike. We talked about music, diversifying services, and figuring out how to stay in the game. Check out the podcast HERE.